Get answers to frequently asked questions about our content marketing packages and services that we offer.

Question: What makes your services different from other content sites?

Answer: We provide everything you need to be successful.

Webplatter makes it cheaper for you by giving you base content to make it your own which will save you a lot of money. Webplatter is very different from other content services and providers because we give you entire packages of content that address everything you need to create a cross channel content marketing campaign. We also include training and planning templates that are easy to use and help guide you through the process.

Question: Who creates the content? 

Answer: Only Experienced Professionals

Our content is created and curated by industry experts and professionals that specialize in content marketing. 

Question: Why are your content packs so cheap?

Answer: Because we sell a lot.

We also believe that our customers should not have to pay an arm and a leg for their content needs and always aim to make content marketing an easy and affordable process. 

Question: What comes with a content pack?

Answer: A lot of great stuff

Each content pack has its own unique set of features and content. Most of the time we include ebook, social media, blog and email content that can be customized to your needs.

Question: How do I customize my content?

Answer: A few simple tools

Normally, all you need to edit the content packs is Adobe Suite and Microsoft Office. You can do it yourself, save money on a graphic designer by giving them something to start with, or use our content services to customize your content.

Question: Wont Google penalize me for having the same content as other customers? 

Answer: Not at all.

The google content penalty is a myth when it comes to different sites having the same content. Google does penalize people for using content to try and trick them in to having higher rankings or by duplicating it on your own website. You can read more about that and other aspects of google penalties here

Question: Can I use the content I buy for mulitple websites? 

Answer: The content is licensed only to you

When you buy a content pack from Webplatter, you are licensing it for use with your business only. Contact us if you are an agency that would like to get pricing on multiple companies. 

Question: What if I am not satisfied with the content? Whats your refund policy?

Answer: Your satisfaction is always our goal

 While we are always dedicted to resolving any problems that you have with any purchase, we do not offer refunds on digital downloads as there is no way to "return" the product after it is in your possession.